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One of the things that hold people back from starting a plant-based diet is the idea that they won’t be able to make foods they love, or that snacks or small meals will be inconvenient. Well, we’re here to challenge that idea!

10 Plant-Powered Lentil Smoothies


In our first Greens and Prana cookbook, we’ve got 25 plant-based bar recipes to get you started on your plant-based journey! Whether you’re an experienced cook who has spent lots of time making plant-based recipes, or if you’re brand new to the lifestyle, these bars will fill your need for healthy snacks on the go that are easy and fun to make!

When you purchase our cookbook, not only are you gaining resources to make your plant-based life a success, you’re also giving back to the community! Part of the proceeds of every book go to support local food-related charities.

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